September 11, 2020


"How to make broadband affordable and accessible for everyone" (Gigi Sohn) :: CNN

"We need to get the internet to everyone in America. Here’s what it would take to do it." -- "'Congress could move the needle without paying a red cent right now'" :: Vox

"Broadband in red and blue states:  Three solutions to low-income Internet access" (Tom Wheeler) :: Brookings

"9 Out of 10 US Voters Support Congress Using Federal Funds to Bring Broadband to All, and 62% Want Congress to Act 'Immediately' to Close the Digital Divide" :: Internet Innovation Alliance  :: Telecompetitor

"Broadband is MIA from the new targeted coronavirus relief legislation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is bringing to a floor vote today." :: Politico

"Democrats call for narrowing digital divide to help students during pandemic" :: The Hill

"Worcester [MA] school panel seeks exploration of municipal broadband" :: Worcester Telegram

"Near the Heart of Silicon Valley, a Community Failed by the Big ISPs Is Building Its Own Network" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"It is not hard to take all this history, the global stats, and the numerous in-depth market analyses of the US broadband market, and reach the conclusion that the problem is how the market is structured. ... You could even point to the numerous examples of how other countries structure their broadband provision, or look at examples within the United States itself where cities have invested in fiber networks themselves and then had other companies provide their services on top of that city-owned network: something that has repeatedly resulted in faster speeds and lower prices.  But, AT&T has a better solution: stick to the status quo and have the American taxpayer fund its vast inefficiencies." :: The Register

"AT&T hopes you’ll forget its years-long fight against accurate broadband maps" :: Ars Technica

"Rural Cable Broadband Buildouts May be on the Rise, Thanks to RDOF and Other Gov’t Funding" :: Telecompetitor

"US cable operators have seen a massive spike in broadband subscriber growth during the pandemic as consumers clamored for solid Internet connectivity," and territories expand :: Light Reading

"Charter in 'no rush' to roll out DOCSIS 4.0" :: Light Reading

"SpaceX's Satellite Internet Service Latency Comes in Under 20 Milliseconds" :: PCMag

Profile of the Blandin Foundation:  "[M]any of the foundations that are now looking at broadband issues are seeking a way to be effective. They could learn a lot from the approach taken by Blandin and the successes they have had from working directly with communities." :: POTs and PANs

"Broadband & Telehealth in N.C.'s Appalachian Coal-Impacted Communities" :: NC Dept. of Information Technology

"Telehealth – Improving the Health and Economic Well-Being of Communities" :: Next Century Cities

"Tele-Inclusivity in the Age of Covid: A Message to the Telehealth Industry" :: Next Century Cities

"Inequality in broadband access jeopardizes the mental health & well-being of communities coping with COVID-19." :: Next Century Cities


"CBRS Spectrum Auction Maps:   Who Won What, and Where" :: Light Reading

"Gartner 2020 Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy Shows Internet of Things is Two to Five Years Away from Transformational Impact" :: Gartner

"Next Generation Wireless Networks—A Word of Caution for Rural Maryland" :: Chestertown Spy


"San Diego Mayor Orders Smart Streetlights Turned Off" until the city crafts an ordinance to govern surveillance technology :: San Diego Union-Tribune

"Trump eyes social media bias hawk [Nathan Simington] as next FCC commissioner" :: The Verge

FCC releases tentative agenda for September 30 Open Meeting :: FCC

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