October 5, 2020


"Traverse City, Michigan Launches Fiber Network" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Kaysville [UT] residents to vote on plan to create a $22 million fiber optic network" :: Salt Lake Tribune

Escambia County, FL issues RFP for broadband feasibility study; responses due Oct. 20 :: Escambia County

Jeb Bush:  "Broadband Internet Is an Imperative, Not a Luxury" - "We need a national investment to bring internet to millions of Americans. $100 billion is a good place to start." :: Slate

"W.V. Candidates Want Broadband Classified as a Utility" :: Times West Virginian

"Like electricity, broadband is an essential utility that everyone should have access to." :: American Prospect

"AT&T To Stop Selling Its DSL Internet Plans" :: UberGizmo

. . . "AT&T shelving DSL may leave hundreds of thousands hanging by a phone line" :: USA Today

"[A]dding a seventh year of CAF II is hard to see as anything other than federal waste being done openly. The companies getting this money didn’t meet the obligations of the original CAF II funding and are now perversely getting rewarded for their failure.... I guess it’s more important to ‘support’ AT&T instead of rural households with no broadband." :: POTs and PANs

"CWA Tees Up Reports on Broadband Deployment" :: NextTV

"Somebody asked me the other day what one critical element is missing from the rural broadband landscape. My response was developmental capital – money that does the early leg work to turn conceptual projects into shovel-ready projects." :: POTs and PANs

"The National Science Foundation has awarded $1.5 million to Cornell engineers and researchers to help them bridge New York’s digital divide by designing the nation’s first statewide Internet of Things public infrastructure." :: Cornell Chronicle

Tennessee:  "Gov. Lee Announces $61 Million in Emergency Broadband Grants" :: TN Office of the Governor

Broadband provisions of the updated HEROES Act :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"How rising broadband demands might reshape US telecom" -- "A pandemic with no signs of slowing also appears to be increasingly driving new customers toward Internet providers. And those providers are responding with network expansions as a result." :: Light Reading


"Milwaukee's Local Government Struggles for Control in Federal 5G Rollout" :: Shepherd Express


"Analyst Craig Moffett predicts Q2 pay TV video losses are just the tip of the iceberg" :: NextTV


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