October 7, 2020


"Broadband Companies are Stifling Cities’ High-Speed Internet Efforts" -- "Millions of Americans don’t have access to high-speed internet. But under lobbying pressure from the broadband industry, nearly half of US state legislatures have outlawed a model that might help ease the country’s digital divide. ... But in Springfield, Missouri, city leaders have come to a detente with one carrier—offering a vision of what local governments could do if they were freed from statewide restrictions. " :: Quartz

Positive stories from having robust Internet access during pandemic, from FairlawnGig (Ohio) :: FairlawnGig

"Twelve Years After Launch, Wilson, North Carolina’s Greenlight Network Continues to Innovate" (podcast) :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"A publicly financed fiber network spanning Multnomah County, Ore., would cost $1 billion, according to a new [county-sponsored] study, a price tag that could make it prohibitively expensive even if it’s technically possible. ... However, there is some evidence that public networks can be viable in smaller communities that require lower capital outlays." :: Oregonian :: Broadband Communities

"US Ignite today announces the launch of Project OVERCOME, a National Science Foundation- (NSF-) funded effort to ... support the selection and buildout of five proof-of-concept network deployments designed to connect both rural and urban communities in novel ways." :: US Ignite

CWA report:  "AT&T’s Digital Redlining Leaving Communities Behind for Profit" :: CWA

. . . "CWA calls out AT&T's lack of fiber in its DSL footprint" :: FierceTelecom

. . . "AT&T is 'making the digital divide worse'" :: Broadband World News

Report from American Libraries Association "Shows How Two Tribal Networks in New Mexico Brought Faster Speeds and Lower Prices" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Benton to FCC: Efforts to Close the Digital Divide Have Been Unsuccessful" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society :: NextTV

Alabama's $100 million broadband voucher program "mostly unused" :: AP

"Elon Musk: Public Beta for SpaceX's Satellite Internet Will Start Soon" :: PC

Hawaii to complete fiber optic ring :: West Hawaii Today

UK "'likely to miss' 2025 target for fibre broadband in every home" :: The Guardian


"Postal Service Roles in 5G and Broadband Deployment" -- "The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General concluded that there may be an opportunity to leverage the Postal Service’s network of over 31,000 facilities nationwide." :: U.S. Postal Service :: Telecompetitor :: FierceWireless

Draft Order from Commr. Carr would "provide for streamlined review of requests" to site 5G gear on existing towers :: FCC Press Release

"Is spectrum shortage a thing of the past?" (Tom Wheeler) :: Brookings

"Buying Verizon 5G Home is even harder than finding a Verizon mobile 5G signal" :: Ars Technica

"South Korea sees 'sharp acceleration' in 5G demand" :: FierceWireless


FCC releases list of MVPDs subject to random EEO audit :: FCC


FCC announces tentative agenda for October Open Meeting :: FCC

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