October 12, 2020


"Cable companies blocked municipal broadband in NC and left a gap. Let others fill it." --
"It is past time for the larger telecommunications companies to stop their lobbying efforts to prevent us from bringing all tools to the table. Rural North Carolina must move forward, and public and private sector leaders in this state need to either help that happen, or get out the way." :: News & Observer

"Denver Issue 2H: Municipal broadband" :: Denver Post

"Frontier's Bankruptcy Shows Why ISPs Shouldn't be in Charge of the Internet": 
"On one side, ISPs don’t want to invest the money necessary to outfit the entire country with fast, reliable internet. On the other side, government regulators allow ... monopolistic practices to keep happening by banning municipal broadband and killing bills like California’s SB 1130 ...  One of these groups is going to have change what they’re doing for real change to happen, for fiber to spread across the country as widely as DSL and dial-up.  My confidence is not in the ISPs." :: Gizmodo

More on AT&T stopping DSL sales :: POTs and PANs

. . . "AT&T Is Abandoning Tens of Thousands of American Households in the Deep South Who Have No Other Internet Access Option" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"[W]e should not adopt policies and programs that aim for 'just good enough' speeds today. We should not see 'technological neutrality' become a codeword for awarding 'soccer trophies' when it comes to broadband goals.... That means driving more investment in fiber." (NTCA and FBA) :: Morning Consult

"Comcast says gigabit downloads and uploads are now possible over cable" :: Ars Technica :: Light Reading

"America's Internet Wasn't Prepared for Online School" -- "Distance learning shows how badly rural America needs broadband" :: The Verge

Wisconsin:  "Students experience digital divide in cities, not just rural areas" :: WMTV

"Kansas Doubles Down on Broadband Investment with CARES Funds" - "Sixty-seven public and private projects funded by nearly $50 million in federal coronavirus relief grants could soon connect more than 70,000 households" :: Kansas City Star

"Georgia's New Broadband Maps":  "The results from the mapping effort are stunning. The State shows that over 507,000 homes and businesses, and 1 million people in the state don’t have access to 25/3 Mbps broadband. That is double the 252,000 homes identified by the FCC as not having access to 25/3 Mbps broadband." :: POTs and PANs

"Bullish on Broadband: Time to Get Your Grant Proposals Ready" :: Daily Yonder

"State and Local Government Digital Inclusion Programs" :: NTIA BroadbandUSA

Blandin Foundation's "Broadband 101" virtual seminar series starts today:  two weeks of short presentations, each day from 1:00 - 1:45 CDT :: Blandin Foundation

FCC releases final list of eligible areas for RDOF Phase I auction :: FCC

NCTA report:  "Assessing the Economic Potential of 10G Networks" :: NCTA


"T-Mobile Seizes on AT&T DSL Stoppage with Fixed Wireless [LTE] Markets Expansion" :: Telecompetitor :: Engadget

"[T]he Department of Defense announced $600 million in awards for 5G experimentation and testing at five U.S. military test sites" :: U.S. Dept. of Defense :: Light Reading

"What is the 5G Fund for Rural America?" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"How Will the Latest Wi-Fi Tech Affect Local Areas? - The FCC's decision to open up spectrum for Wi-Fi 6 technology may significantly increase broadband access. However, utilities and public safety are afraid their communications may be compromised." :: Government Technology

"Trump's Big 5G Plan Still MIA" :: Light Reading

"5G: The end of the beginning" :: Light Reading


"AT&T offloading DirecTV could be a “fire sale” as company weighs low bids" :: Ars Technica

"FCC Kills CableCards" -- "In the end, the CableCard regulation was largely a bust. It provided an alternative to renting settop boxes, but the cable companies never stopped fighting the idea and never made it easy for consumers to connect and use a CableCard device." :: POTs and PANs


"The Communication Workers of America (CWA) has called out AT&T for its use of subcontractors that the union said pose a safety threat in the communities they work in." :: FierceTelecom

"Barrett Could Help Take a Bite Out of 'Chevron' -- Legal doctrine gives agencies like FCC extra weight in court challenges" :: Multichannel News

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