October 14, 2020


"How Can America’s Communities Secure the Benefits of Fiber-Optic Infrastructure?" -- "Our answer is that local governments need not accept a binary option of waiting for the private sector to solve the problem—which the private sector already would have done if it made business sense—or taking on the challenge entirely as a public enterprise. Rather, public-private collaboration can disrupt this binary and give communities options....

"In some of the most promising of these partnerships, the public entity funds, builds, and owns the underlying communications infrastructure and the private entity does the rest: It provides the electronics and service over that infrastructure and deals with the complexities of running a broadband business. This Public Infrastructure/Private Service model puts the locality in the business of building infrastructure, a business cities and counties know well after a century of building roads, bridges, and utilities. The model leaves to the private sector most aspects of network operations, equipment provisioning, and service delivery."  (Joanne Hovis, Jim Baller, David Talbot, Cat Blake) :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Powered by Utility Fiber, Public-Private Partners in Springfield, Missouri, Now Offer Gigabit Services to Residents" :: BroadbandBreakfast

"As COVID Highlights U.S. Broadband Failures, State Bans On Community Broadband Look Dumber Than Ever" :: TechDirt

"Oconee County [Georgia] announces pact for countywide broadband service" :: Online Athens

"Hawaii to Close Fiber-Optic Gap as Project Nears Completion" :: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Virginia:  "Frustrations mount [with Comcast] at Charles City town hall as questions about Internet services dodged" :: Charles City Chronicle

"Why the 'homework gap' is key to America’s digital divide" (interview with Commr. Rosenworcel) :: MIT Technology Review

"Will LEO satellite systems be able to bridge the digital divide?" :: FierceWireless

"While 10G is cable's future, better upstream speeds are its present" :: FierceTelecom

"AT&T has trouble figuring out where it offers government-funded Internet" :: Ars Technica

RDOF:  FCC releases list of 386 qualified applicants :: FCC

. . ."FCC Cites 'Unprecedented' Interest in Rural Broadband Bucks; Said RDOF applicants far surpass CAF II" :: NextTV

"[Y[ou need to substitute the term ‘net neutrality’ with ‘regulating broadband’ as you read articles on the topic. The FCC chose to disguise their attempt to kill regulation under the moniker of net neutrality and was successful since the average American probably has no idea that the FCC no longer regulates ISPs and broadband." :: POTs and PANs

FCC releases Order on universal service program's 10% rule, affirming 2017 Private Line Order :: FCC 


"Cellphone Carriers Lobby Against Pentagon Plan for National 5G Network; Defense Department would bypass usual auction process for airwaves" :: Wall Street Journal

"Verizon Launches Nationwide 5G Network, Early Reviewers Unimpressed" :: WebProNews


"[A]fter peaking at $105 billion in 2015, U.S. pay TV revenues will drop to $56 billion in 2025," says analyst :: FierceVideo


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