October 23, 2020


Springboro, OH (pop. 19,000) "will build a 23-mile fiber loop for municipal services and, at the same time, lay five additional conduits to entice additional [ISPs] to come in and offer service" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"The Future Looks Bright for Access-Anacortes [WA] Fiber" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"The city of Burlington, Wash., is offering businesses free installation to connect to its high-speed fiber optic network.  The city received a $250,000 economic development grant from Skagit County, Wash., to help businesses cover the costs of fiber installation." :: Skagit Valley Herald

"The Rock Falls, Ill., City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a deal to lease the city's fiber broadband system to Surf Broadband Solutions for the build out of the network to residents and businesses within the city.  The lease-to-own deal is worth $2.25 million with the city retaining ownership of the network for now." :: Daily Gazette

"The City of Redding [CA] moves forward to bring a high speed citywide fiber network" :: KRCR

"Broadband 101: Rights of Way Management for Efficient Fiber Deployment" :: Blandin Foundation

"Reaching Critical Mass for Gigabit Connections" :: POTs and PANs

"AT&T’s decision to stop selling legacy DSL service ... affects 547,000 Californians, 1.4% of the state’s population. 67,000 of them will completely lose the ability to buy residential wireline broadband service from a commercial provider. Rural counties will be hit hard" :: Tellus Venture Associates

"Broadband Internet Promises Are Left Unfulfilled in Many Rural Areas" -- "The lack of access, despite billions spent, has made it harder for the unconnected to work and study during Covid-19" :: Wall Street Journal

"A group of 24 county officials from across the country have formed a broadband task force with the goal of creating a 'blueprint' for closing the digital divide" :: StateScoop

"Pent-up demand drives Fios Internet sub growth to five-year high" :: Light Reading

AT&T and Verizon "See Fiber Broadband Momentum, AT&T CEO Calls for USF Reform to Accelerate It" :: Telecompetitor

"Texas Schools Partner With SpaceX on High-Speed Internet" - 
"The school district in Ector County, Texas, recently became the first school district in the nation to partner with SpaceX to provide broadband service to families with poor or no Internet access." :: Odessa American

The coming shortage of fiber technicians :: POTs and PANs


"Verizon covers 0.5% of Americans with mmWave 5G" :: Light Reading

"Verizon deployed more base stations in Q3 than all of 2019" :: FierceWireless

"New Legislation Would Extend Tribal Opportunity for [2.5GHz] Spectrum" :: voqal

"Trump is reportedly pressuring the Pentagon to give no-bid 5G spectrum contract to GOP-linked firm" :: The Week


"TV at the Tipping Point" :: NextTV

"Moody’s Investors Service raised its rating on the cable television sector to 'positive' from 'negative' on Tuesday, fueled mainly by expected growth in broadband." :: NextTV


"FCC cites Title II in defense of helping Trump’s attack on social media" :: Ars Technica

. . . "Pai has tried to define his tenure at the head of the agency as being against 'heavy-handed' regulation and has promoted a 'light-touch' approach to regulation industry. And yet he seems to be totally fine with the FCC jumping headfirst into government regulation with President Donald Trump’s controversial social media executive order." :: Daily Dot

. . . FCC "Rejects All Its Own Legal Arguments Against Net Neutrality To Claim It Can Be The Internet Speech Police" :: TechDirt

"How the EU plans to rewrite the rules for the internet" :: Brookings

Vint Cerf's plan for builiding an internet in space - "TCP/IP doesn’t work at interplanetary distances. So we designed a set of protocols that do." :: Quanta

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