October 27, 2020


Op-ed:  "The pandemic makes clear it’s time to treat the internet as a utility" :: LA Times

"Americans Working From Home Face Internet Usage Limits" -- "As more people rely on their home broadband for work and school during the coronavirus pandemic, providers are reinstating data caps" :: Wall Street Journal

"Electric cooperatives in Georgia have proposed policies aimed at spurring rural broadband deployments. The cooperatives call the proposed policies the Georgia Solution. ... There are two key parts to the Georgia Solution — the One Buck Deal and the Georgia One-Touch-Make-Ready Program.  The One Buck Deal is a financial incentive offered to any qualified broadband provider that will deliver new high-speed internet service in electric cooperative service areas lacking broadband. The incentive calls for the broadband providers to pay the electric cooperatives just one dollar per pole per year for five years to attach new wires as long as the new attachments are to support broadband service to those unserved areas." :: Telecompetitor

"Coronavirus Pandemic Prompted Cities to Rethink and Accelerate Broadband Strategies" :: BroadbandBreakfast

"Pennsylvania Rural Broadband Bill Goes to Governor’s Desk"; legislation would "loosen restrictions for electric cooperatives to offer broadband service" :: Tribune-Democrat

"Alabama Voucher Program Aims to Help a Quarter of a Million Households with Broadband Costs"

Virginia:  op-ed:  "Cable companies stand in way of rural broadband" :: Roanoke Times

Missouri:  USDA awards $91M in USDA ReConnect grants for rural broadband :: RDN Reports

"Starlink beta pricing ($99/month) revealed as SpaceX sends invite emails -- 'Better Than Nothing' beta to have speeds up to 150Mbps, latency as low as 20ms" :: Ars Technica

UK: Shell Energy acquiring Post Office's telecom/broadband business :: Telecoms

"House Dems: FCC is Rushing Net Neutrality Order in Advance of Election" :: NextTV


"Future points to blend of small cells, fiber" says Crown Castle :: FierceWireless 

"Safety in Name, Commercial in Fact: The Auto Industry Spectrum Squatting Campaign on 5.9 GHz Widens the Digital Divide" (Harold Feld) :: TechDirt

"FreedomFi wants private wireless to be as easy as launching a website" :: Light Reading


"2 models for regulating social media giants, explained -- We could treat them like phone companies or like TV networks, but not both." :: Vox

"How the 2020 elections could shape the federal privacy debate" :: Brookings

"Biden Win Could Curb Deals, Revive Net Neutrality in FCC Pivot" :: Bloomberg

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