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November 19, 2020


Overwhelming voter support for municipal broadband in Denver and Chicago :: Benton Foundation for Internet and Society :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance :: Reuters

Interview with Tom Wheeler on President-elect Biden's telecom plans :: Light Reading

"What Biden's Plan for Universal Broadband Means for Your Business" :: Inc.

"Trudeau promises to connect 98% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026" :: CBC

"Size of internet providers factors into Kansas’ rural broadband divide" -- "When it comes to telecom and broadband service, [there is] a rural-rural divide between customers served by local providers and those served by large companies." :: Wichita Eagle

Overview of states' use of CARES Act funds to expand broadband :: Pew

Pennsylvania:  "Lack of broadband during pandemic is having a major impact in some areas" :: WTAE

. . . "Pennsylvania Laws Aim to Expand Broadband"; municipal telecom restrictions remain :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Alabama:  "High-speed broadband internet emerges as critical quality of life issue" :: AL.com

"Broadband power users explode, making data caps more profitable for ISPs" :: Ars Technica

"How SpaceX Starlink broadband will envelop Earth and transform the sky" :: CNET

"Why 25/3 Broadband Is Not Sufficient" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

"Digital Redlining: ISPs Widening The Digital Divide" :: TechDirt

Ting Internet expands to Culver City, CA :: Tucows Press Release

Baltimore:  "City Council passes charter amendment to prevent privatization of Baltimore’s conduit system" :: Technical.ly


"Free Community Wi-Fi as a Health Imperative in One Providence, Rhode Island Neighborhood" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

FCC votes to free up 5.9 GHz band for unlicensed Wi-Fi :: Telecompetitor

Spectrum sharing is "working so well for the [CBRS] band .. that people are already thinking about it for other uses. ... 'We have not had a single reported case of interference to the incumbents. We’re probably over-protecting.'" :: FierceWireless

"I hope the new FCC gets off the 5G bandwagon." :: POTs and PANs

Dish signs anchor tenant tower agreement with Crown Castle :: Seeking Alpha


"Cable TV's slow, painful death" :: Axios

"Comcast Wants to Become Roku Before Roku Becomes Comcast - The cable giant sees a lot of opportunity in streaming." :: Motley Fool

Profile of T-Mobile's TVision :: Light Reading

"Verizon Refines Streaming Strategy with Launch of Updated Stream TV Device" :: Telecompetitor


"Looking Forward to What a Biden Presidency May Mean for Data Privacy and Data Privacy Litigation" :: National Law Review

"Washington State Could Be the 2021 Battleground for Internet Privacy" - "State lawmakers are gearing up to make a third pass at a data-protection law' :: Wall Street Journal

"Likely FCC Policy Changes Resulting from the Election" :: KH Beyond Telecom Law Blog

"Alexandria, Virginia, Makes 911 System Remote During COVID-19" :: Broadband Communities Magazine

"We currently have no smart cities — by 2025 there’ll be 26" :: The Next Web


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