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January 15, 2021


"Public Infrastructure/Private Service Model For 21st Century Broadband Proves Worthy" -- "The emerging model presents a scalable option for communities that lack the expertise or interest to operate networks or act as ISPs themselves but want to own and control the core communications assets in their communities as a means of securing the benefits of broadband internet. Here’s a look at the model’s business case, technical elements and risks." (CLIC) :: Broadband Communities

"'I had to start a telephone company to get [high speed] Internet access'" -- "Installing the actual fiber cables into the conduits was a task that [Jared] Mauch did himself. A fiber blower can cost over $26,000, but Mauch said he built one using a rented air compressor and about $50 worth of parts from a hardware store." :: Ars Technica

"UTOPIA Broadband Signups Rose 50 Percent in 2020" :: Broadband Communities

Vermont:  Overview of state-commissioned "COVID-19 Responses Telecommunications Recovery Plan" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance :: Link to Report (pdf)

Wisconsin:  "The governor said he would propose nearly $200 million in broadband funding in his 2021-23 state budget, five times the amount included in the 2013, 2015 and 2017 budgets combined." :: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Iowa governor pledges $450M for broadband expansion, faces GOP legislature :: KCRG

New York Governor Proposes Low-Income Internet Program -- "Internet service providers would be required to offer $15-a-month broadband to low-income households." :: The Citizen

Maryland: "Statewide Data Show the Racial and Economic Underpinnings of the Digital Divide" :: Abell Foundation :: Link to Report

Chmn. Pai proposes USF contribution reform, using C-band spectrum auction revenue:  "Congress should set aside about $50 billion in revenue from this auction to fund the Commission’s Universal Service Programs for the next five years." :: FCC :: Telecompetitor

AT&T again calls for USF reform :: AT&T Public Policy Blog

"How Not to Close the Digital Divide -- Part 1,421" (criticism of RDOF) :: Benton Foundation for Internet & Society

"ISPs catch heat about data caps, price increases" :: Broadband World News

"The Fiber Backlog" -- "I’ve heard recently from clients that have been told it will take them from four to nine months to get new fiber." :: POTs and PANs

"City of Greenville [NC] and MetroNet announce partnership to build new fiber optic network" :: WITN


"Murray City [UT] School District becomes first in nation to launch its own LTE broadband service" :: Fox 13

Australia NBN NBN "approaches 1Gbps using mmWave 5G over distances of 7 kilometres" :: ZDNet

GeoLinks ($235M RDOF recipient) to shift from 5GHz to 60GHz for fixed wireless :: Light Reading

"[I]t will be years before the full benefits [of 5G] are unlocked" :: CBS News


"ACA Connects: Smaller Video Providers Pay 43% More than Larger Providers for Retransmission Fees" -- "While the large cable operators paid retransmission consent fees of $124.67 per customer, on average, for 2019, the average fees paid by smaller cable companies were $178.13 per customer" :: Telecompetitor

Fox Sports regionals disappearing from streaming services :: TechHive


"After 20 years of debate, it's time for Congress to finally pass a baseline privacy law" :: Brookings

"A U.S. District Court judge has upheld the $1 billion verdict against Cox Communications that found the cable and internet service provider liable for piracy infringement of over 10,000 musical works on its network" :: Hollywood Reporter


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