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February 15, 2021


"Agawam [MA] weighs municipal fiber network because of Comcast data cap" -- "Whip City Fiber, the municipal broadband Internet provider owned by the neighboring city of Westfield, has partnered with several towns in the Berkshires to operate their publicly owned fiber networks. Whip City could serve as a model for Agawam, said [Mayor] Sapelli, or as a vendor. He said he’s open to partnering with a for-profit operator, if that makes more sense."  :: MassLive

"The Best Work-from Home Cities All Have One Thing in Common" :: "As we debate how to improve America's dire digital divide, one of the best things we could do would be to roll back the laws in the 22 states that bar municipal broadband and encourage cooperatives, nonprofits, and community-minded companies to spread the gospel of local fiber." :: PCMag

Ohio: New broadband grant legislation would reportedly enable grants to private companies, but not public entities :: Medina Gazette

"Frontier raises sneaky 'Internet Infrastructure Surcharge' from $4 to $7" -- "Fee covers Frontier's basic network costs but isn't included in advertised rates" :: Ars Technica

"Exploring the feasibility of rural broadband cooperatives in the United States: The new New Deal?" :: Telecommunications Policy

"Of all of the statistics gathered by OpenVault, the fastest-growing category is the number of homes subscribed to a gigabit-speed service. At the end of the fourth quarter that has grown to 8.5% of all households, triple the 2.8% of homes that were buying gigabit products at the end of 2019." :: POTs and PANs

"Connecting the unconnected in rural America: Part 2 of Build Back Better with the Biden FCC (Tom Wheeler) :: Brookings

"How the Biden Administration Can Expand Rural Broadband" :: New Yorker

"Ajit Pai Tried To Strangle A Broadband Aid Program For Low Income Americans. Then A Pandemic Hit." :: TechDirt

Coverage of Emergency Broadband Benefit roundtable :: Telecompetitor

"FCC Seeks Outreach Partners for Emergency Broadband Benefit" :: FCC

NARUC resolution "urges the FCC to closely scrutinize the [RDOF] long-form applications" :: NARUC

"The biggest RDOF winner LTD Broadband responds to naysayers" :: FierceTelecom

"ITIF’s Analysis of Broadband and Affordability Misses the Mark" :: Benton Institute for Broadband & Society

"Lumen CEO Jeff Storey and CFO Neel Dev said they see better returns from its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) investments than in the FCC's RDOF project for rural broadband." :: FierceTelecom

"Dumb New GOP Talking Point: If You Restore Net Neutrality, You HAVE To Kill Section 230." - "[C]onflating net neutrality and the debate over 230 into one incoherent ball is a tactical strategy, not a real legal or policy argument." :: TechDirt


"FCC Expands Siting Rules for Wireless Broadband" :: POTs and PANs

"How 5G Could Replace Your Home Broadband Connection": "The biggest barrier to widespread adoption won’t be whether or not the technology is actually capable of doing this, but whether or not the network providers are able to get it to make sense economically." :: Gizmodo


"Sling TV Adds New Local Channels from Locast to Its AirTV Mini Guide" :: Cord Cutters News

"ATSC 3.0 shows potential for car connectivity" :: Light Reading


"Virginia is about to get a major California-style data privacy law" :: Ars Technica


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