Op Ed: “Unfortunately, America is not
grasping the opportunity that broadband
presents.  As the leaders of the team
that prepared the
National Broadband
that was presented to Congress in
March, we have seen that the public
debate on broadband focuses too much
on how our networks compare with
those in other countries.  Instead, the
discussion should focus on how to
use those networks here in America
and rethink how we deliver key ser-


(We live in an increasingly competitive,
interconnected, and knowledge-based
world.  We must indeed make the most
of the networks we have.  At the same
time, however, we must also ensure
that our networks are at least as good
as those in the countries with which
we compete.  If we do not, we will
inevitably see our uses impaired, not
just by lack of imagination, but also
by network constraints.  –JB


Washington Post


In the meanwhile …


“New Survey Confirms Shoddy U.S.


San Francisco Chronicle


“The Future of Broadband is Here
Today – And You’re Going to Miss It”: 
“That vision they have of getting 100
Mbps service to 100 million homes by
2020?  Several U.S. markets have
already gone way beyond it to deliver
the future of broadband today….while
Washington debates, many markets
miss out.  Those who want better
broadband should take their lessons
from some of the cities who have
successfully deployed their own




“The Deluge of Data: Opportunity
Knocking” (From Craig Settles)




“NW Indiana forming broadband


Inside Indiana Business


“Tell us if you haven’t heard this
one before.  Google pledges to
deploy a red-hot network technol-
ogy but instead uses blog posts and 
regulatory hectoring to cause havc
for the service providers that ulti-
mately must do the hard work to
deploy real networks. … Indeed,
prove us wrong by deploying fiber
at any reasonable scale and we’ll
own up to it happily.”


Connected Planet


NBP – Health Care:  Carl Taylor


Medical Video Conferencing


NBP – Economic Development YouTube


Roundup of comments in FCC
“third way” NOI . . ..


Ars Technica


The Hill


“Cable tees off on FCC’s ‘third
way’ proposal”


Light Reading


FBI says FCC must preserve ability
to wiretap


Washington Post


Minority groups oppose FCC reclass-


The Hill


Op-Ed: “Broadband rules are crucial
to expand broadband access and 
protect users”


Sacramento Bee


“NTIA used non-expert reviewers for
BTOP round 1”


More on changes to FCC rural health
 care broadband program


Connected Planet


Kansas forms task force to study
broadband options






“General Electric Ecomagination Chal-
lenge Seeks Project Ideas for Smart

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