NTIA urges BTOP rejects to reapply


More on Pulse Broadband and Ralls
County Electric


Fierce Telecom




Commr. McDowell on NBP:  "First, do
no harm"


Benton Foundation


Comments of NATOA: keep right of
way decisions local


NATOA Comments


Public television's role in NBP


Assoc. of Public Television Stations


“NLR advocates a Unified Community
Anchor Network”




New America Foundation comments


NAF Comments


"Reply Comments of Commenters
Supporting Community Anchor Insti-





Metric needed for NBP


Benton Foundation


UK:  "The Conservative Party plans
to roll out fibre broadband access to
the majority of UK homes within seven
years, should it win this year's general
election.  The party said it intends to
accomplish the rollout, which could
involve either fixed-line or mobile
technology, by changing regulations
and forcing BT to open up its ducts
and poles to rival operators."






Commr. McDowell, Verizon and NCTA
caution against Title II reclassification


Broadcasting & Cable


"Apple said it will allow Internet voice,
or VoIP, service providers to run on the
iPhone and iPad after concerns by federal
regulators that blocking those services
could violate open-Internet access rules."


Washington Post


Comcast "will soon be shaking up their
broadband tiers, which are currently
12/2, 16/2, 22/5, 50/10 (and 100 Mbps
in Minneapolis).   According to the
source, Comcast will be eliminating
the 22/5 Mbps tier. They'll also be
upgrading 16/2 Mbps users to a new,
20/4 Mbps tier."


Broadband Reports


City of Dover, OH, completes FTTP
network design






Wireless camera RFP issued by Union
City, NJ






"The Set-Top Mess":  "The parties that
have skin in the future of the set-top
game are still light-years apart when it
comes to agreeing on... well, just about


Light Reading


"Iowa cable television regulators say
a 2007 law intended to foster more
competition in the delivery of TV
programming instead has enabled
at least one company [Mediacom]
to walk away from municipal obli-
gations based on hypothetical com-
petition." . . .


Des Moines Register


... "The city of Dubuque is preparing
to ask the Iowa Utilities Board to review
rules regarding state cable franchise
agreements and to consider an amend-
ment that would maintain the city's
franchise agreement with Mediacom."


Dubuque Telegraph Herald




"Google mystery server runs 13% of
active websites" -- "Google's private
internet - which spans nearly 40 data
centers across the globe - is built atop
countless custom-built and proprietary
tools, including a top-secret distribu-
ted file system dubbed GFS; the dis-
tributed number-crunching platform
known as MapReduce; and a new
platform known as Spanner that's
designed to automatically move
and replicate loads between the
company's mega data centers when
traffic and hardware issues arise."


The Register


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