“House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)
 supports a legislative process to clarify the
rules surrounding broadband services.”


The Hill


Reclassification meetings continue
between FCC and industry


Broadcasting & Cable


Google launches new Fiber for Communities
website, with new “thank you” video . . .


Google Fiber for Communities


. . . “In short, Google is trying to create a
 community-action network around better
 broadband, starting with the more than
 200,000 people who have already weighed
 in hoping to get fatter pipes.”




Google on “Local Road Construction Requirements”:
 “Google recommends that cities adopt specific
 conduit requirements for their own road
construction and repair projects. In doing this,
 we encourage cities to incorporate this through
 a citywide conduit map/plan. They should
 then install conduit in every appropriate
 city-sponsored project where the streets are dug up.”


Google Fiber for Communities


Ars Technica


Rally against UTOPIA organized by
Utah Taxpayers Association


Deseret News




“Time Warner Cable has rebooted their
‘Roll Over Or Get Tough’ PR stunt as the
company continues negotiations with Disney
over carriage fees….Given that Time Warner
Cable raises your rates regardless of whether
 they roll over, play fetch, or get tough --
such campaigns are a rather hollow attempt
 to place consumers (who already face bi-annual
rate hikes) in the middle of debates between
perfectly-profitable cable companies and


Broadband Reports




Online anonymity decision in 9th Circuit




“Why It’s Time to Tax Internet Sales” –
 “E-commerce companies are no longer babes
 in the woods needing tax exemptions to
 get established.”


PC World


Verizon launches health information exchange


Light Reading




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