“AP Slams Obama's Broadband Stimulus
Program…Using Republican Talking


(“Slams?’  Seems more like a fair account
of the positions of all sides.  –JB


Stimulating Broadband




“As USF audits mount, providers prepare”




NYT Op-Ed by Susan Crawford:  “The
F.C.C. has the legal authority to change
the label [of Internet access services to
“telecommunications services”], as long
as it can provide a good reason.  And
that reason  is obvious: Americans buy
an Internet access service based on its
speed and price — and not on whether
an e-mail address is included as part
of a bundle.  The commission should
state its case, re-label high-speed Inter-
net access as a “telecommunications
service,” and take back the power to
protect American consumers.” . . .


New York Times


Broadband Reports


Opinions of several telecom lawyers


The Hill


Echoes of Ed Whitaker’s “my pipes”:  
“Telefónica, France Telecom and
Deutsche Telekom all said Google
should start paying them for carrying 
bandwidth-hungry content such as
YouTube video over their networks.”


Financial Times


“Why Former FCC Chairman Powell
‘hates’ reclassification”


Connected Planet


“Don't blink: Hard-charging FCC
turns broadband plan into action”


Ars Technica


SEATOA assembles all-star cast for
conference in Ashville, NC, on April
26-28, including Mignon Clyburn,
Blair Levin, Jonathan Adelstein,
Tom Power, Jessica Zufolo …






“[W]ireless operators and device man-
ufacturers are moving toward the next
big opportunity in cellular: connecting
many of the other devices around us. 
Embedding devices with cellular endows
them with intelligence beyond uncon-
nected machines and provides greater
reach and ease of use than many Wi-Fi
devices. Ericsson recently forecast 50
billion wirelessly connected devices by
the year 2020.”


San Francisco Chronicle


Radio Spectrum Inventory Act up for
April 14 vote


Broadcasting & Cable


"This homeland security communica-
tions problem can be remedied by a
simple requirement from the [FCC]
that all mobile devices include a tiny
digital television receiver that would
work alongside the current broadband


Ars Technica


“FCC agenda outlines plan to auction
 180 MHz spectrum within five years”


Connected Planet


“Is Wi-Fi the real competitor to LTE?”




"If the city would let us, we'd put free
WiFi in the airport and pick up the tab
in full.”






“Comcast and the National Cable &
 Telecommunications Association
executives are urging the Federal Com-
munications Commission to make the
case that all cable operators -- not just
those with bandwidth-constrained sys-
tems -- should be allowed to deploy low-
cost HD boxes with integrated security
in an exemption of agency rules.”


Multichannel News


“After 15 years of trying, Silicon Valley
is getting ready to take over your tele-
vision.  Most TV sets for sale by 2013
will be able to connect to the Internet
right out of the box, setting the stage
for companies such as Google Inc.,
Yahoo! Inc. and Intel Corp., to make
televisions a lot more like computers
and smartphones.”






“Smart grid needs a dose of social





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