“Google invites telcos onto their fiber network –
will any take up the offer?”


Connected Planet


“You can try the Title I route all you want,
 and the carriers will say they are behind you
– except when they don’t like what the Commission
 has proposed…In other words, try to find the
squirrely, clever way around the court decision,
and you are just asking for trouble. …
We want to take the uncertainty out of
telecommunications by calling Internet
 access what it is – a telecommunications service. 
Period.  We don’t have to make it a public utility,
 we don’t need the dreaded ‘heavy handed
 regulations’ about which the industry
 constantly complains”

Public Knowledge


Rep. Inslee:  “[A]s a co-sponsor of HR 3459,
the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, I am
 committed to working with the FCC and my
colleagues in Congress to pass legislation that
 would give the power of choice to consumers
 by enabling the FCC to regulate broadband


Seattle Times


Google:  “[W]hile we’re not wed to any particular
 legal theory to justify the FCC’s jurisdiction,
we do believe some minimal oversight over
broadband networks is essential.”


Google Public Policy Blog


FTC enforcement power over Internet set
to expand “in stark contrast to a besieged [FCC]”


Washington Post


“Are the feds planning to tax broadband Internet?”



“Brazil's government may set tariffs for the
 use of state-owned fibre optic networks as
part of a plan to broaden access to
high-speed Internet services in the country”




OneEconomy awarded $28.5M NTIA SBA award

National Journal


Pend Oreille PUD awarded $27M






“M2Z is back with free wireless broadband plan”




“FCC creates TV spectrum death panel”


Ars Technica


“It’s wireless.  How hard could it be to not install wires?”

Dilbert, via




PG&E admits technical problems with smart meters


Mercury News




“The cloud and the Fourth Amendment”


Ars Technica




“People trust their state government more than
 the federal government.  And they trust their
 local government most of all. When Gallup
 last asked this question, in 2008, 72 percent
of Americans said they have a great deal
 or a fair amount of trust in local government.”

Daily Press


Army restricts use of PowerPoint:  
“PowerPoint makes us stupid … It’s dangerous
 because it can create the illusion of understanding
 and the illusion of control … Some problems in
 the world are not bullet-izable.”


New York Times




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