Update on N.C. municipal broadband
 moratorium battle:  coverage of this
 week’s hearing; proponent calls for
 vote May 5


Stop the Cap!


Broadband for Everyone, NC


“Is Arkansas really the most competitive
 state for broadband?”




Coverage of Commr. Copps on
“Bill Moyers Journal,” to air today

Huffington Post


Google’s “nuanced” view on net neutrality


Connected Planet


“Verizon recently confirmed they will
 add 3M FiOS homes in 2010 but have
 now cut that to 1M for budget reasons.
 They implicitly also confirmed they are
 cutting back future FiOS builds as well
by 2-4M homes from the original plans
of 80% of homes passed.”

Broadband Reports




Media Access Project calls for FCC to
allocate substantial frequency band
 below 3GHz for unlicensed use


MAP ex parte


CTIA cites report – “Spectrum Shortfall
Consequences” – “which describes the
technical, service, and market consequences
 of not bringing sufficient spectrum to market
 for mobile wireless broadband services”


CTIA ex parte


“AT&T WiFi network usage soars”






More on FCC “AllVid” NOI:
 FCC “is looking for feedback on
 its proposal to require U.S. cable,
satellite and telco TV operators to
 supply all their customers an "AllVid"
 device or gateway -- capable of delivering
 as many as six different IP video streams
 to TVs, DVRs or other equipment in the
 home -- beginning no later than the end
 of 2012.” . . .


Multichannel News


. . . “Cable industry very quickly starts
to complain about the idea”


Broadband Reports



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