“Our National Broadband Plan is a Bland, Boring Mess”:
  “Once again … the agency doesn't appear to be
 focusing on competition, nor does the plan at this
 juncture appear to make bold choices of any kind.
 … [T]here's still not a single telecom lobbyist
complaining. Carriers utilize an endless army
of sniping, chatty policy vessels to attack and
 dismantle any and every competitive threat.
They're all dead quiet. In fact, the NCTA (which
 represents the largest cable carriers) quickly
 issued a statement that quite simply gushed
 over the FCC's vague, nebulous outline.”


Broadband Reports




Windom, MN municipal system receives RUS award




NTIA announces 10 more awards, $357 million . . .


Multichannel News


. . .  Pennsylvania receives $128M in two BTOP grants


Fierce Telecom


. . . North Florida Economic Development
 Partnership receives $30M


Palatka Daily News


. .  . West Virginia receives $130M for 2,400 mi
 fiber optic network and wireless towers:
  “The $126.3 million grant will be used to
 improve Internet access speeds at 471 schools,
 176 libraries, 53 public safety offices, 184 hospital
 and medical offices, and 34 jails. Eleven planning
 and development councils, all 55 county courthouses
 in the state, and the National Radio Astronomy
Observatory in Green Bank also will share the
 stimulus money.”


Charleston Gazette


“I've created a petition demanding that NTIA
and RUS give the public our broadband stimulus
 data.  More specifically the petition demands
 two actions:  1. That NTIA/RUS make public
the scores of all projects they've awarded funding.
  2. That NTIA/RUS give back the scores privately
 to all applicants.”


Stimulus resource library, from New America Foundation


New America Foundation




Economist profile of Bristol, VA: 
“Cabling America -- Fibre in paradise --
How a small city in Virginia is replacing
 coal mines with tech jobs”




“Watch out Google. Here comes Canadian
cable operator Shaw Communications and
 its own 1 Gbps Fiber to the Home trial.”


Fierce Telecom


“In the Netherlands, 1Gbps broadband
 will soon be everywhere”





FCC votes to permit E-Rate schools to allow
 public access to broadband facilities


Multichannel News




“Embedded wireless market stalled on pricing concerns”

Fierce Wireless



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