RUS releases application guide & templates


RUS Round 2 Application Guide


Obama budget proposal would add $418
million to the $7.2 billion broadband
stimulus in the Recovery Act


CNN Money


NTIA rejects $6.33 billion in BTOP-only






"Cable operators now offer next-gen-
eration DOCSIS 3.0 services — with
maximum download speeds ranging
from 50 to 105 Megabits per second —
to more than 52 million U.S. consumers
and businesses, according to a survey
of the top 11 cable operators by Multi-
channel News.   That represents more
than 43% of the 120 million homes
passed by cable networks in the


Multichannel News


Lafayette “FiberFête” Apr 20-22




US 1st in Nokia’s “Connectivity Score-


LEGC Nokia Systems


“FiOS Is Ok, But LTE Is Verizon's Real
Power Play” (from Karl Bode)


DSL Reports


“Council [of Dover, OH] receives fiber-
optic proposal” (from David Stockton)




"New regulatory battle brewing over
ISP classification": "[D]efining ISPs as
common carriers would seem suited to
the FCC's [net neutrality] purposes,
given Title II's clear definition of what
a common carrier can't do"


Ars Technica


Overview of tech/communications
issues in the 2011 budget


Benton Foundation


Budget would add $418 million to
ARRA’s $7.2 billion for broadband


CNN Money


"President Obama Reinforces His
Belief in Net Neutrality"




"FCC's net neutrality plan would
permit blocking of BitTorrent"


Electronic Frontier Foundation


"On the anti net neutrality side the
answer ...  was that we should allow
network operators to strike deals for
prioritized access with application and
content providers, but that we need to
make sure those terms are available to
all comers.   On the pro net neutrality
side the answer ... was that we need
some mechanism to protect content
and application providers.  Notice
how they're basically saying the same
thing?  The crux of the net neutrality
debate isn't about open vs. closed or
dumb vs. smart networks, it's about
making sure that everyone has ac-
cess to the advanced capabilities of
smart networks."


Bell Canada launches "'Fibe' (appar-
ently to make you forget it's copper-
based and not last mile fiber)"


Broadband Reports




"Obama proposes spectrum fee that
would generate $4.8 billion"


Multichannel News


“Broadband Wireless – the Future is


Brough Turner Blog


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